Our projects are designed to be the fields on which we play to attain our goals. The successes of these projects, both in the past and in the future have and will always serve as a catalyst for The African Photography to do more.

“ The Industry that built itself”

This is a documentary about the strength, struggles and independence of the African creative, specifically the Ugandan Photographer/Filmmaker.

This Documentary filmed in Uganda, by Ugandans, highlights the potential, strength and self starting spirit of the Ugandan Filmmaking and Photography Community and it’s ability to break boundaries and change the negative narratives of the African Filmmaker and Photographer


Featured personalities -Usama Mukwaya, Rhonnie Nkalubo

Connect and Create

An informal talk focusing on news and exchange of ideas between two or more persons or parties.

This is an African Photography Collective project that is designed as a conversation to allow individuals within our community to pass on necessary information, share ideas and experiences, and to connect and inspire each other. The goal is to create a formidable bond and a sustainable system of collaboration and partnership.

Our first conversation was sparked in Uganda. See below for highlights.

The Collective Class

The African Photography Collective designed this workshop to empower and enlighten the Filmmaker and Photographer about topics that are not often discussed which are needed in the community to attain longevity and a certain level of professionalism


Brand Strategists, Art Lawyers, Art Curators, Financial Advisors, internationally successful Photographers, and Filmmakers that have built a good reputation for themselves on international platforms with international brands - all from Africa are set to be facilitators and resource persons for this workshop.